The F16 Block 70/72 Viper on the offensive in Indonesia against the Rafale

The selection of the French offer based on 12 Rafale used by Croatia was received with some bitterness in the United States. To be convinced, it is enough to read the Anglo-Saxon specialized press concerning this acquisition to understand that the choice of Zagreb in favor of used Rafale F3R and not of new F16V upsets certain certainties on the other side of the Atlantic. And clearly, the United States, and Lockheed-Martin in particular, have no intention of reliving what they perceive to be humiliation in the future. This is particularly the case in Indonesia in the context of the modernization of the Indonesian air force, about which the authorities in Jakarta and Paris appear to be moving quickly to resolve the remaining obstacles, in this case financial, to complete an order estimated at 36 Rafale.

Indeed, the American authorities have just authorized Lockheed-martin to start negotiations for the sale of F16 Block 70/72 Viper with Jakarta, once again putting the Rafale in the path of the American plane. With the Indonesian Air Force implementing 33 F16 C / D, Lockheed's sales teams believe that it would be much simpler and more economical for them to switch to a fleet of Vipers, than to acquire a new aircraft, in this case. the Rafale. However, and notwithstanding the discrepancy between Jakarta's ambitions in terms of acquiring defense equipment and the budgetary reality of the Indonesian armed forces, the country's air forces had announced that it ultimately aspired to implement a fleet of 170 combat aircraft composed of several models of hunters.

With 3 cans of 2000 liters, the Rafale has a range of more than 1750 km

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