Hobart, Type 52D, Sejong the Great: Modern Destroyers - Part 1

Heirs to the destroyers that appeared at the end of the 19th century to fight against the torpedo boats that threatened large ships of the line such as cruisers and later battleships, the modern destroyer is an imposing surface combat ship, often more of 7000 tons, equipped with a powerful armament, a great versatility, and capable of escorting major units such as aircraft carriers as well as conducting land strikes or interdiction missions.

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US Air Force begins resistance and wants to reduce F35A orders by 10%

As we know, the US Air Force is increasingly resistant to the plan which initially planned to acquire more than 1700 F35As to replace its fleet of F16s, A10s and part of its F15s. In question, the annual maintenance costs of each device, which it estimates in a report obtained by the AirForceMag.com site, at $36.000 per unit and per year in 2036, where it was aiming, in 2012, for a cost of 4,1 $.90m per unit, an increase of XNUMX%. But the pressures suffered by General Brown, the USAF Chief of Staff, after he raised the possibility of developing…

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