United States, China and Russia strengthen their Information Warfare capabilities

In just a few years, Information Warfare, which can improperly be translated as Information Battlefields, has established itself as one of the major subjects within the great world military powers, which dedicate themselves to it every year. more means. Three countries in particular, the United States on the one hand, and China and Russia on the other, have integrated this new battlefield into the very heart of their new military doctrines, to the point of integrating combat units of specialists in this field, and thus to confer on their forces new operational capacities which, potentially, can prove as or even more effective than a regiment of heavy tanks, or a squadron of fighter-bombers.

What is Information Warfare, or IW? It is about the set of techniques and capacities likely to cause the adversary to make counterproductive decisions on the basis of incomplete and erroneous information. This may be, for example, altering the accuracy of the opponent's GPS signal to cause him to aim at bad targets, intense jamming to deprive him of his communication capabilities, or an action social engineering to create instability or even a social or economic threat forcing it to alter its decision-making. In fact, the units specializing in this field include specialists in electronic warfare, as well as computer hackers, and specialists in digital communication and cognitive psychology.

The famous "Ghost Army" played a major role in the success of Operation Fortitude in 1944, which led the Germans to acquire the certainty that the Allied landings would take place in the Pas de Calais and not in Normandy.

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