For the US Air Force, the $ 130m RQ-4 Global Hawk drone is obsolete

Are the current MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) and HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) drones already obsolete for electronic intelligence missions, even though many armies are just beginning their conversion to this tool? In any case, this is what the US Air Force seems to think, which, as part of the preparation of the Pentagon's 2022 budget, requested the mothballing of its HALE RQ-4 Global Hawk block 20 and block 30 drones, i.e. 24 devices, each having cost more than $130 million to American taxpayers, even though they have only been in service since the beginning of the 2010s.…

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Will the Kazan nuclear missile submarine be the nightmare of Western navies?

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the new Kazan nuclear missile submarine, second unit of the Iassen class but first unit of the project 885-M Iassen-M variant, would have been admitted to active service this Friday, May 7, and would have joined the Russian Navy to be deployed within the Northern Fleet. Despite the construction delays and a delivery postponed for 2 years, the arrival of this new submarine seems to worry the Western General Staff, concerned about the offensive capabilities of the new submersible, but also about its great discretion. And indeed, the Kazan, along with the other 7 submarines of the Iassen-M variant at…

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New British Challenger 3 tank unveiled

Prior to the publication of the new Integrated Strategic Review, many rumors had circulated in Great Britain concerning severe cuts to certain key British Defense capabilities. Among them were a severe downward revision of the number of F35s ordered by the Royal Air Force, the reduction in the number of Royal Navy frigate, as well as the pure and simple elimination of the 3 battalions of heavy tanks which the British Army, and which are equipped with the Challenger 2 heavy tank. Finally, the heavy tank will remain in service in the British Army, since 148 Challenger 2 will be gradually brought to…

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