The new Finnish fighter plane will be chosen after a wargame

The HX competition to replace the F / A 18 Hornets of the Finnish Air Force is nearing its end, while all the proposals from the 5 manufacturers involved, Boeing with the F / A 18 E / F Super Hornet, Dassault with the Rafale, Eurofighter with the Typhoon, Lockheed-Martin with the F35 and Saab with the Gripen E / F, were handed over to the country's authorities this week. The choice of the device for this contract of almost € 10 billion will be based on price considerations, of course, but also security of supply and industrial cooperation. Above all, Helsinki intends to integrate the results of the tactical evaluations of the 5 aircraft carried out last year in a large wargame, intended to evaluate the real operational capacities of the aircraft and their combat systems, in an applied operational framework.

It must be said that, since the launch of the competition, the Finnish authorities have made immense efforts not only to guarantee a fair competition, which is why this is the only recent competition where the 5 devices of the moment are actually present. , but also for protect decision-makers and public opinion from attempts to influence or lobby which have become the rule in recent years in this type of contract. In addition, Helsinki will take into account the observed characteristics and performance of aircraft and their weapon systems, and not on industrial promises on the basis of future performance or costs promised by the manufacturer.

Saab offers its JAS39 Gripen E / F as well as the GlobalEye advanced air watch aircraft as part of the HX competition

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