Coastal defense batteries return to center stage

Traditionally, until the mid-60s, ports and military arsenals, as well as certain strategic locations on the coast, were frequently protected by coastal batteries, both anti-aircraft and anti-ship. But the erosion of the threat, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as well as the appearance and democratization of missiles on board combat ships, led many countries to do without these defenses. However, in recent years, several armies have undertaken to acquire new capabilities of this type, in particular by acquiring coastal batteries equipped with anti-ship missiles. How can we explain this return to favor of defense batteries…

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After Taiwan, Chinese Navy tries to intimidate Japan

Clearly, Beijing seems very keen to show its new-found naval power to its neighbors, especially those who do not bow down enough to fulfill the ambitions of the Indo-Pacific superpower. Indeed, after having multiplied the major naval exercises near the island of Taiwan, it is now Japan's turn to take advantage of the force deployments of the Chinese fleet, in this case with a new deployment of the carrier battle group of the aircraft carrier Liaoning in the Miyako Strait, and around the island of Diaoyu (Chinese name) in the Senkaku archipelago, whose Beijing disputes the membership in Tokyo. This deployment of…

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India negotiates the lease of an A330 MRTT refueling aircraft with France

Since deliveries of Rafale aircraft to India began, the aircraft assembled in Merignac have systematically made the trip by air accompanied by an Air Force A330 MRTT Phoenix tanker aircraft. The objective for Paris was twofold. On the one hand, allow long-distance delivery by reducing the number of stopovers to a minimum, and thus show the potential and reliability of the French fighter both to the authorities and to Indian public opinion, which moreover took unfeigned enthusiasm for the Rafale since the first delivery. On the other hand, it was a question of showing the Indian authorities as well as the Indian Air Force, the performance of the Rafale-A330 pair…

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