Chinese Navy admits 3 major ships to service in one day

There are symbols which, on their own, accurately describe the evolutions underway in the World. This was the case in July 2020 when Russia launched almost simultaneously the construction of 2 assault helicopter carriers of Project 23900, of 2 frigates of Project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov, and of 2 nuclear submarines of Project 885-M Iassen. It was the same on April 23, 2021, when the Navy of the People's Liberation Army admitted to active service on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of its creation, an assault helicopter carrier, a heavy destroyer and a sub- nuclear launcher on the same day, either 3 of the most powerful warships sailing today, in the presence of President Xi Jinping himself, as a great architect of the rise of the Chinese Navy in recent years (Home photo).

The Type 075 helicopter carrier, the first unit of its class to enter service, received on this occasion the baptismal name Hainan from the name of an island province in southern China, as well as the hull number 31. This ship of nearly 40.000 tonnes was launched in September 2019, and will join the southern fleet, the very one facing Taiwan. It has 7 landing points for helicopters, and is supposed to be able to embark, in addition to 30 rotary wings, up to 1200 men and their equipment, including armored vehicles, for amphibious assault missions. In addition to its flight deck, it has a raft to accommodate landing barges or Type 726A assault hovercraft. Two other ships, out of the 8 that will comprise at least the class, have already been launched, the first completing its sea trials. after a launch in April 2020, the second having been launched in January 2021.

the Hainan helicopter carrier upon admission to active service, with 6 Z8 heavy helicopters on the flight deck

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