The US Navy is experimenting on a large scale with cooperation between ships and autonomous systems

according to Admiral Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations of the US Navy, the exercise in which the heavy destroyer USS Michael Monsoor (Zumwalt class), 4 Burke-class destroyers, 2 Littoral Combat Ship, the submarine USS USS Hampton and the LPD USS Anchorage, as well as the two robotic ships Sea Hunter and Seahawk (in home illustration with the USS Monsoor in the background ), off the coast of California, represents a decisive step in the implementation of a cooperation between automated systems and piloted systems for the US Navy, and will profoundly influence the very conception of the evolution of the American fleet in years to come up.

christened Pacific Fleet's Unmanned Systems Integrated Battle Problem 21, this exercise, which also brings together P8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, EA18G Growlers, as well as MQ-8B Fire Scout and MQ-9 Sea Guardian drones, aims to allow a ship (Destroyer, LCS or SNA) to destroy a target identified and located by an unmanned system beyond the horizon. The large number of ships and drones engaged will make it possible to assess all the possible interactions, and to bring up a large amount of information crucial for the future of the US Navy, which knows that it must rely on robotic ships. and drones to meet the challenge imposed by the volume of naval forces of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. In addition, this exercise will test the Super Swarm project led by the Office of Naval Research, aimed at implementing a drone swarm from a ship, a technology particularly suitable for eliminating denial of access systems. .

The USS Michael Monsoor is the second Zumwalt-class destroyer. The US Navy wants to make it the spearhead of its manned-unmanned cooperation strategy in the years to come

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