Tensions at the highest between Russia, Ukraine and the West

According to a report from the European Union, the Russian armed forces would have gathered nearly 150.000 men in Crimea and along the border with the Ukrainian Donbass, making this the largest deployment since the end of the Cold War. The EU, like all European capitals, as well as Kiev and Washington, are now more than openly worried about Russian maneuvers, all the more so as other factors indicate that the current crisis is now spreading well into the world. beyond Ukraine, to become a major crisis between the West and Russia.

The information on the Russian military reinforcement at the Ukrainian borders has multiplied in recent days and during this weekend. We have thus learned that the 58th Army, 40.000 strong, the very one who took part in the Russian intervention in Georgia in 2008, was being deployed in the eastern part of Crimea. At the same time, the entire Russian fleet from the Caspian Sea was deployed to the Sea of ​​Azov, while several landing ships of the Baltic Sea Fleet have joined the Black Sea ports in recent days. In total, the Russian Black Sea fleet now has the capacity to land a full mechanized battalion, the equivalent of what France can deploy with its 3 Mistral class PHAs. In addition, military naval traffic in the Strait of Kerch is now prohibited for non-Russian ships for 6 months. This day, all these forces have been put on alert by the Russian Admiralty, officially to participate in an exercise.

Regiments of Su34 have been deployed in Crimea under cover of a naval and air-land exercise to be held in the coming days (photo illustration)

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