Nexter challenges Rheinmetall with its ASCALON cannon for the MGCS program

For the German Rheinmetall, the case was understood: the experience and the fame acquired by the designer of the Rh-120 L44 120 mm gun which equips the Leopard 2 justified, according to the Düsseldorf group, on their own, that the design of the main gun of the Franco-German MGCS program is attributed to him. For this, Rheinmetall intended to rely on its new 130 mm L / 51 gun, presented 5 years ago already, and this despite the tests carried out by the French Nexter, who had experimented with a new 140 mm gun. on a Leclerc chassis in 2019, as part of the Future Tank Main Armament program, or FTAM.

Obviously, the French tank specialist, as well as his German partner Krauss Maffei Wegman, with whom he forms the KNDS joint venture, have decided to challenge Rheinmetall even in his square meadows, with the ASCALON concept, presented by Nexter as an innovative and scalable solution capable of handling all armored targets within the next 50 years. It must be recognized that studying the characteristics of this concept, the ASCALON has all the assets to hold the high Rheinmetall L / 51, and even surpass it in many areas.

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