France positions itself alongside Greece during the Iniochos 2021 exercise

Since the end of the 80s, the Hellenic Air Force has organized every year Iniochos exercise, intended to improve the interoperability of its units with those of its allies. But this year's exercise, designated Iniochos 2021, takes on a much larger dimension than in previous years, while tensions between Ankara and Athens remain very high. Therefore, for the Greek authorities, this exercise appears as a way to bring together its closest allies, and to show its Turkish counterparts that, far from being isolated, Greece can count on the support of powerful international partners, if the situation was deteriorating in the Aegean Sea.

For once, the allies of Athens have made the trip, sometimes in force, to come and participate in this exercise this year. The United States, traditional partners, has dispatched four F-16s, as well as a tanker aircraft and a MALE Reaper drone system. Spain has dispatched an F / A 18 detachment, the United Arab Emirates its F16, Israel a detachment of F15 and F16, and Cyprus deploys an AW139 helicopter there. But it is the French detachment that undoubtedly marks the spirits, with no less than 6 Rafale B / C and 5 mirage 2000D from the Air and Space Army, as well as 5 Rafale M from the Naval Aeronautics , or 16 combat aircraft deployed simultaneously for a single exercise. Such an effort had not been observed for many years in France.

5 Rafale Marine also made the trip to Greece for the Iniochos 2021 exercise, even though the Charle de Gaulle and its Embedded Air Group is currently on mission.

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