Russia's PAK DA strategic bomber program ambitions revealed

Although begun at the beginning of the previous decade, the Russian strategic bomber program PAK DA, intended to replace from 2027 the antediluvian Tu-95 Bear still in service in the strategic arsenal of Moscow, remains very mysterious, and well little information has actually been disclosed about it, without anyone being able to judge its veracity. An article published on the RIA Novosti site offers a somewhat more enlightened vision of what this new aircraft will be, which will operate alongside the Tu-160M ​​Black Jack strategic bombers and the Tu-22M3M Backfire long-range supersonic bombers. C at the start of the next decade.

Despite the few interesting new data disclosed by this article, the outlines of this program remain obscure. At best, we know that the device will be designed in the form of a subsonic flying wing, a form which now seems to be essential for this type of device, since it is retained by Northrop-Grumman for the B21 Raider American, as well as by Chinese Xian for the H-20 program intended to replace the H-6 of the Beijing Strategic Air Force. This form of aircraft, inherited from German research before and during the Second World War, in particular with the Ho 229 prototype from Horten, offers very high aerodynamic performance while allowing the transport of a large quantity of fuel, making a perfect candidate for long range strategic bombers. The absence of horizontal and vertical edges also makes it possible to reduce the effects of electromagnetic resonance against UHF and VHF waves from certain radars, making the device more suitable for stealth.

One of the 3 Horten Ho 220 prototypes in 1944 during testing in Germany.

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