With the Vixen, the Royal Navy studies the use of a versatile on-board combat drone

Obviously, the ambition to equip the aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales with a catapult and stopper strands to implement combat drones is gaining momentum within the Royal Navy. Indeed, according to several articles published in the specialist press across the Channel, the Royal Navy is actively studying the possibility of using a fixed-wing combat drone, designated the Vixen program, on board its aircraft carriers, to fulfill many missions. , ranging from early warning to in-flight refueling, including air-to-ground and air-to-surface strikes, and intelligence and communication missions. Better still, the avowed objective of the Royal Navy is to have these capabilities by 2030, in an effort to adapt its on-board naval aircraft to the challenges of modern high intensity naval air warfare.

The Vixen program, a reference to the famous onboard fighter Sea Vixen designed by De Havilland in the early 50s, only recently appeared on the British public scene, and follows the request for information and prices published by the Royal Navy. for equip its aircraft carriers with a catapult and stop wires a few weeks ago, in order to implement fixed-wing drones alongside the F35B and Merlin helicopters which already operate on board its ships. It now seems that the Royal Navy aims to include all of its needs not covered by its current on-board aviation in this program, in order to turn its aircraft carriers into real front-line aircraft carriers.

The Vixen will notably have to replace the Merlin Crowsnest in advanced air watch missions, by taking over the EL / M-2052 radar from the Crowsnest pod on its own

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