Israel claims attack on Iranian freighter MV Saviz in response to Iranian attacks

On March 25, the Lori, an Israeli-flagged container ship, was struck by an Iranian missile in the Arabian Sea, causing no injuries or casualties. It is in response to this new attack on its merchant ships that the Hebrew state organized the attack on the Iranian cargo ship MV Saviz, a ship identified for several months by the American secret service as a naval action platform. for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. According to the information communicated by the New York Times citing an American official, the Israeli services would have positioned a naval mine under the waterline of the ship before detonating it at 7:30 a.m. local time, not without having previously notified the United States in order to allow the carrier strike group of the aircraft carrier Eisenhower to s 'move away from Iranian ratings thus avoiding any act of retaliation with potentially dramatic consequences.

This episode marks a new stage in the rise of tensions between Iran and its neighbors in the Persian Gulf, as at the same time, Americans and Europeans try to bring back Tehran within the framework of the Vienna agreements over the Iranian nuclear program. . For the de facto alliance formed around Israel and the Gulf monarchies, on the other hand, the Western approach goes against their expectations, believing that the Vienna agreements only delay, without hindering, the development of the Iranian military nuclear program. Far from trying to appease the situation in order to attract the good graces of its Western interlocutors, the Iranian authorities, for their part, have multiplied hostile acts, directly or by interposed minions, against the American forces in Iraq, or against the Saudi interests in hitting the Kingdom's oil facilities once again using drones.

The Israeli air force has been training for several months to conduct very long-range raids to strike, if necessary, Iranian strategic installations linked to Tehran's nuclear program.

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