Chinese Shenyang announces the development of a new generation hunter… again!

It is through a publication on its WeChat page that the Chinese aeronautical giant Shenyang, which belongs to the AVIC consortium and which has developed, among other things, the J-11, J-15 and J-16 fighters equipping the Chinese air and naval forces , announced to have started research in order to develop a new generation fighter, presented as 5th generation in China and known as 6th generation in the West, whose entry into service is estimated in 2035. For the purposes of understanding, we will use in the rest of the article on the classification of Western generations. Concomitantly, the company also announced that it has started the development of a 5th generation fighter intended for Chinese naval air forces. The model or the timing of this program was not specified, but the press release was illustrated by an FC-31, sometimes referred to as J-35, which is believed to have Beijing's preference for equipping future aircraft carriers. fitted with Type 003 catapults.

These announcements will certainly not have surprised observers of Chinese military aviation activity. Indeed, from many echoes of the development of a new embedded version of the FC-31 were posted on Chinese social networks. In addition, the development of a new generation aircraft had also been indirectly announced, with the same date of entry into service in 2035, corresponding to the probable date of entry into service of new Western aircraft, such as the NGAD program of the US Air Force and the US Navy, the British Tempest program, or even the Franco-German SCAF, to which it is really time to give a name more attractive than a simple acronym. But in view of the latest developments concerning the gap between the Chinese announcements, and the reality of the facts noted, one can wonder about the relevance of these announcements.

The JC-31, sometimes referred to as J-35, is expected to be the future 5th generation on-board fighter that will embark on board Type 003 aircraft carriers equipped with electromagnetic catapults.

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