US Forces in Europe on High Alert Amid Russian-Ukrainian Crisis

The command of the American Forces in Europe, the US European Command, placed the whole of its forces at the highest alert level, the “Potential Imminent Crisis” level, after having observed very important movements of Russian troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border and in Crimea. Numerous videos published by Russian social networks also attest to these troop movements. According to American experts, this deployment of force could initially suggest a large-scale regional exercise, but the lack of withdrawal and the arrival of new forces are now worrying American strategists, like their Ukrainian counterparts who have, too, ordered force deployments to ward off offensive Russian action in the Region. For a week now, fighting has resumed on the demarcation line separating Ukrainian forces from the independence forces of Donbass supported by Russia, and the OSCE mission on the spot observes several hundred ceasefire violations every day.

Until now, with the exception of the annexation of Crimea, Russia has always been careful not to intervene openly militarily in the Donbas conflict. Certainly, numerous proofs show that the support given by Moscow to the independence forces is more than significant, and involves materials, ammunition, intelligence and even men, presented as "volunteers" like the 500.000 Chinese volunteers deployed. by Beijing during the offensive in North Korea to push back the United Nations forces in 1950. But the Russian armies never officially intervened in the Donbas, as they did in North Ossetia and Abkhazia in 2008 for defeat the Georgian forces.

Georgian forces were swept away in just 5 days of war by Russian armies during the offensive in South Ossetia and Abkhazia of 2008.

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