Chinese Shenyang announces the development of a new generation hunter… again!

It is through a publication on its WeChat page that the Chinese aeronautical giant Shenyang, which belongs to the AVIC consortium and which has developed, among other things, the J-11, J-15 and J-16 fighters equipping the Chinese air and naval air forces , announced that it has started research to develop a new generation fighter, presented as 5th generation in China and known as 6th generation in the West, whose entry into service is estimated in 2035. For purposes of understanding, we will use in the rest of the article the classification of Western generations. Concomitantly, the company also announced that it had started the development of a 5th generation fighter at…

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The US Navy doubts the interest of a new class of light aircraft carrier

For several years now, the US Navy has been struggling to define a strategic plan to modernize its fleet and maintain the upper hand over the Chinese fleet in full transformation. Many avenues have been proposed in order to meet the very significant needs in a constrained budgetary context, including the replacement of part of the Super Aircraft Carriers of the Ford class which are to replace the no less imposing Nimitz currently in service, by lighter conventionally powered aircraft carriers, intended to intervene where the power of a Ford was not required. This approach was also integrated into the short-lived Navy 2045 plan presented by the Secretary to…

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US Forces in Europe on High Alert Amid Russian-Ukrainian Crisis

The command of the American Forces in Europe, the US European Command, placed all of its forces on Wednesday morning at the highest level of alert, the “Potential Imminent Crisis” level, after observing very significant troop movements. Russians on the Russian-Ukrainian border and in Crimea. Many videos published by Russian social networks also attest to these troop movements. According to American experts, this deployment of force could initially suggest a large-scale regional exercise, but the lack of withdrawal and the arrival of new forces are now worrying American strategists, like their Ukrainian counterparts who have also ordered…

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