British Mosquito Combat Drone Demonstrator to fly in 2023

For several years, the French and Germans watched the British FCAS program, which includes among other things thehe new-generation Tempest fighter, as an outsider of SCAF program, or even as a burst of pride for politicians across the Channel following Brexit. Today, it is clear that this program is progressing rapidly, and much more calmly than the "European" program, and that its ambitions are far from being so limited that one could hear him say there is still of that a few months. In addition to the significant effort made by the British authorities to support this program, with an annual budget established at £ 2 billion per the new Integrated Strategic Review, by making the pillar of the renewal of the country's defense industry, he succeeded in federating Italy and Sweden, in a much larger vision than that which today underpins the SCAF program.

Among the programs under development within the FCAS super-program, is the Lightweight Affordable Novel Combat Aircraft, or LANCA, a light combat drone designed to accompany the British Typhoon, F35 and Tempest in hostile zones, in order to detect and eliminate threats, in particular in the face of anti-aircraft defense and denial of access systems, while protecting very expensive piloted aircraft and their invaluable crews. As its name suggests, the LANCA, also known as Mosquito or Spirit Mosquito in Great Britain, is a lightweight, low-cost unmanned aircraft, allowing it to take significant risks when necessary.

One of the first images published concerning the LANCA program within the TEMPEST program.

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