Naval Group FDI Belharra handicapped by VLS Sylver in Greece

The renewal of the Greek frigate fleet is today one of the main and most important contracts being awarded on the European and international scene for combatant surface ships. With an objective of acquiring 4 vessels, the modernization of its 4 mek 200 HN and the desire to acquire or lease 2 frigates within a very short period of time to meet the immediate security challenges in the Aegean Sea, Athens is stirring up the envy of European and American manufacturers. In this competition, Naval Group FDI Belharra until recently had a head start on its competitors, since Paris and Athens had signed a letter of engagement for the acquisition of two of these ships 18 months ago. But today, this competition has taken on a whole new and much more open dimension, and the FDI, although very efficient, will have to fight hard to place itself against its European competitors.

As always, information from French industries is trickled in and more through Greece than through French manufacturers themselves. But according to theinformation collected by our Hellenic colleagues, the French offer is based on 4 IDF armed with 4 Sylver 50 VLS vehicles capable of implementing 32 anti-aircraft missiles Aster 15/30 et MICA VL NG, as well as 8 MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles, a Strales 76mm cannon, a CIWS RAM system and a complete anti-submarine warfare suite with Kingklip hull sonar and CAPTAS-4 towed sonar. The radar is none other than Thales's high-performance SeaFire, an EASA plate radar unmatched in Europe.

The Thales Seafire 500 Radar which will equip the FDI is one of the most advanced radars to equip this type of vessel, without competition in Europe.

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