China to attack Taiwan before 2027 says US Pacific Command

For several years, the political discourse of the Chinese authorities has considerably hardened when it comes to Taiwan, and the hypothesis of an armed intervention to retake the independent island by force since 1949, is now an almost banal topic in Chinese media. Until recently, the vast majority of Western chancelleries, and their staffs, considered these to be mere agitations intended to galvanize public opinion around the Beijing regime, and the president. Xi Jinping. But for the commander of the American forces deployed in the Pacific, that time is well and truly over, because he now expects that China Engages in Force Annexation of Taiwan by 2027.

For Admiral Phil Davidson, the goal of supplanting American military strength in the Pacific by 2050, long put forward by Beijing, no longer corresponds to the reality of the Chinese defense effort, and China will be in able to accomplish this goal well in advance of that date. For him, the annexation of Taiwan is the priority ambition of the Chinese authorities, and these will not wait until 2050, not even 2030, to achieve it, at least if the American effort and its allies in the region remain in the current dynamic. Beyond Taiwan, Admiral Davidson believes that the American military bases in the Pacific, first of which is the Guam base in the Mariana Islands, are also major targets for the People's Liberation Army, and the United States. United must expect to have to fight to keep them, and not just use them as has been the case for the past 70 years.

Despite a strong air force of more than 260 F16, Mirage 2000 and F-CK-1 fighters, Taiwan is far outnumbered against the APL, which today has more than 1500 modern fighters.

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