Are China and Russia on the way to winning the technological challenge in the West?

At the end of last week, General Mark D. Kelly, commander of the Air Combat Command of the United States Air Force, expressed his concerns about a possible technological downgrading of the United States by China in terms of 6th generation hunters. According to him, the postponement or additional delays concerning the Next Generation Advanced Fighter, or NGAD, program would almost certainly allow China to impose itself in this technological challenge, given the dynamics and the method demonstrated by the programs. defense of Beijing in recent years.

At the same time, a report from the US Congress also warned the executive against a possible downgrading of the United States in terms of Artificial Intelligence in the face, again to China. According to this report, and its hundreds of recommendations, for lack of a massive and immediate effort, the United States would again lose its technological advantage in this area during the next decade alone, with significant consequences on operational capacities. American forces on the ground, facing China, or facing forces equipped by it.

After the J-20 and the J-35, China is very likely to put the JH-XX, a 5th generation fighter bomber into service, perhaps halfway with the 6th generation, in the coming decade.

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