Joe Biden orders US Strategic Supply Review

The United States President ordered the launch ofa review aimed at precisely determining the points of dependence of strategic American industries raw materials or components coming from abroad, and in particular from China. The avowed objective of this approach is to be able to implement alternative national sources of supply where it will be necessary, more particularly concerning minerals from rare earths and other minerals essential to the mining industry. Defense, particularly in the aeronautics and batteries field, but also semiconductors used for 5G technology, artificial intelligence or for quantum computing.

The fact is, the United States, like the Europeans, today has a strong economic, technological and security dependence on elements imported from potentially vulnerable sources, such as semiconductors from Taiwan, or potentially hostile, such as rare earths from China. Under the guise of a globalized economy, companies with a strategic activity have agreed to supply themselves, for components or elements considered non-strategic taken in isolation, outside the United States, or outside Europe for Europeans.

China remains the world's leading exporter of rare earths, extracting 80% of the rare earths produced in the world, and refining 90% of them.

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