US Navy looks to Boeing eT-7 Red Hawk to replace T-45 Goshawk planes

The training plane eT-7 Red Hawk of Boeing and Saab could well arrogate to themselves another major commercial success, since according to Chuck Dabundo, vice president of Boeing in charge of the program, cited by the site Breaking Defense, the Seattle aircraft manufacturer would be in talks with the US Navy to replace the T-45 Goshhawk planes, the modified version of the BAe Hawk revisited by McDonnel Douglas to make it the training device for US fighter pilots Navy since the mid-90s.

At the same time, Boeing has just announced the start of production of the eT-7 assembly line intended for the US Air Force to replace its T-38 Talons, a highly anticipated replacement given the canonical age of the Air Force fighter pilot training apparatus, and the accidents that have been accumulating for several years . In addition to an airframe and new engines, the eT7-A will bring avionics inspired by that of 5th generation aircraft in service with the US Air Force, such as the F-22 Raptor and the F-35A Lightning 2.

Yes, it's a Mig-28! or at least a T-38 Talon playing the role of a Mig-28 (which does not exist) in the movie TOP GUN

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