The Chinese Navy takes delivery of its 72nd and last Type 056 corvette

The Chinese Navy has announced that it has admitted to service the 72nd corvette of the Type 056 model a few days ago. The Nanyang, hull number 619, is a 1.300-ton corvette of the Type 056A version, specializing in coastal anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare. It is also the 72nd and last unit of this very prolific class, whose construction will have spread over barely ten years, and which today constitutes one of the pillars of the renewal of the Chinese navy.

The Type 056A corvettes, which now total 51 units, are 90-meter-long ships served by a crew of 67 sailors and officers. Heavily armed, they carry a 76mm cannon, 2 x 30mm cannons, 4 YJ-83 supersonic anti-ship missiles with an estimated range of 250 km, an eightfold launcher for HQ-10 short-range anti-aircraft missiles, and 6 anti-submarine torpedo tubes of 324 mm. They also have a platform to receive a medium helicopter like the Z-9C (licensed version of the Dauphin), or vertical take-off drones, without however having a hangar (useless since corvettes operate in coastal areas) .

The Type 056A corvettes have a platform that can accommodate a Z-9C anti-submarine helicopter. Operating in a coastal area, the presence of a hangar was not absolutely necessary to take advantage of a helicopter (or a drone)

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