The American Raytheon is developing a "drone hunter" drone

Recent engagements, such as in Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020, in Syria or Yemen, have shown the ubiquity of drones on the battlefield, as well as the difficulty encountered by anti-aircraft systems to eliminate them. However, whether they are used to direct artillery strikes, to launch light air-to-ground munitions or in the form of roaming ammunition, light drones have also proved to be extremely effective, to the point of becoming the main threat identified by combatants in these theaters of operation.

Since then the race for find an effective remedy against this threat is launched, and many armies, as well as many industrialists, are trying to find a solution. In Russia, the path chosen is that of Lightweight surface-to-air missile, specially designed to eliminate this type of target, drawing on the extraordinary know-how of Russian engineers in the field. In France, it is the 40mm RapidFire gun which was chosen to protect French Navy vessels against these threats, in particular thanks to its increased range and high precision. Germany, Great Britain and the United States bet on laser weapons to eliminate those lightweight drones. And almost all countries are developing jamming and electronic warfare solutions to make them ineffective.

Thales's RapidFire system was chosen by the French Navy to protect some of its units, particularly against the threat posed by drones.

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