Egypt would negotiate the "doubling" of its Rafale fleet

The Rafale has been on the rise in recent months, and according to Dassault Aviation operational staff themselves, commercial activity has never been so intense for many, many years. Outraged the order for the 18 Greek Rafales signed a few weeks ago, Paris is actively negotiating with Jakarta and Baghdad, two countries which wish to materialize their orders for the French plane within the deadlines presented as short. But other countries are also in negotiations with Team Rafale, especially in the Middle East. Thus, the United Arab Emirates want to replace their fleet of Mirage 2000-9 by the French aircraft, which would operate alongside the F35A ordered from the United States. Abu Dabi thus wishes to preserve the double sourcing of its main defense equipment, as was the case with its current fleet made up of French Mirage 2000 and American F16s.

Until recently, relations between Cairo and Paris had deteriorated to such an extent that there was no longer any question for the Egyptian air force to acquire new Rafale. But France's firm positions in the Libyan crisis and the Eastern Mediterranean crisis in 2020 have made it possible to restore the French image with President Al-Sisi. And according to the American site Breaking Defense, Cairo is now negotiating with France to “double” its Rafale fleet, to acquire 12 to 30 new French fighters. At the same time, the Egyptian air forces have already undertaken to upgrade their current fleet to the F3R standard, notably enabling the use of the Meteor long-range air-to-air missile. A contract that went unnoticed but which obviously represents a most encouraging sign when it comes to the future of the French defense apparatus and industry in this country.

The Egyptian air forces use the Rafale's communication capabilities with Western planes as with their Mig-29s of Russian origin.

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