If Athens favors Rafale over F35, can Greece be included in SCAF?

As written in La Tribune the journalist Michel Cabirol, the Greek authorities are now faced with a delicate arbitration concerning the modernization of its air fleet. On the one hand, Athens would be tempted by the acquisition of around quarantine F35A from the American Lockheed, in order to strengthen its compatibility with American forces and NATO and to have an aircraft designed specifically to eliminate air defenses of the adversary. On the other hand, the extension of the Rafale fleet, after the first order of 18 devices signed a few days ago, would make a lot of sense, both from the extended capabilities of the Rafale over the entire spectrum of air combat, but also in order to rationalize the maintenance and training of its pilots and maintenance personnel.

One of the keys to the decision is found in the industrial sector. Indeed, Greece has a major aeronautical player, the company Hellenic Aerospace Industrie, which maintains the F16 and Mirage 2000 of the Hellenic Air Force, and which participate in the manufacture of the F16s sold on the international scene with 'other European players. The company is also participating in European research programs, such as the Neuron combat drone demonstrator program. However, the 40 new aircraft that the Greek authorities wish to acquire would not justify the implementation of a new assembly line for a local assembly, neither for the Rafale, nor for the F35, and HAI would therefore be, in this case , once again, reduced to a role of subcontractor of programs for which the Greek taxpayer will spend large sums in order to equip its armed forces against Turkey.

The modernization of Greek F16s to the Block 70 Viper standard is carried out by HAI directly in Greece, allowing Athens to receive in return part of its investment of $ 1,6 billion.

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