Joe Biden sets the tone for US-Russian relations for the next 4 years

Among the very first decisions taken by the new American President Joe Biden after his inauguration, the 5-year extension of the treaty on the limitation of strategic nuclear weapons between the United States and Russia has undoubtedly been the most awaited by the international defense community. His predecessor, Donald Trump, refused to accept the proposal made by Moscow in this sense for several months, when the agreement came to an end, and this in the straight line of the policy he had followed in recent years, by withdrawing the United States from the INF Treaty on Medium-Range Nuclear Weapons, as well as from the Clear Sky treated just a few days before leaving the White House.

However, Joe Biden's decision to extend the New START treaty for 5 years, and to start negotiations with Moscow, and perhaps others, so that a new agreement emerges at the end of this period, does not mean that the United States and Russia are moving towards a certain a form of appeasement, on the contrary. Indeed, duringa telephone interview between Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir PutinOn Tuesday January 26, the American president clearly posed the many subjects about which the United States grieved Russia, setting the tone for the next 4 years for Russian-American relations.

President Biden has identified Russian actions against Ukraine's sovereignty over all its territory as one of the main areas of tension between Washington and Moscow

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