Russian Naval Air Force acquires Kh47m2 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles

Little known, the Russian Naval Aeronautics has more than significant air resources. In addition to the twenty Mig-29Ks and as many Su-33s capable of being deployed from the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov, its fighter fleet also consists of twenty Su-30SMs, as many Su-27s and Su-24M attack planes deployed from land bases to protect Russian waters. Above all, it lines up 32 interceptors MIG-31 who carry out interception missions near the country's naval bases. But this mission will soon be extended, since according to the Tass Agency, the Russian Navy is preparing to put into service two regiments of Mig-31K, the specially modified version of the interceptor to implement the Kh-47m2 Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

Already in service with the Russian Air Force, the Mig-31K / Kh-47m2 couple gave the hypersonic missile race kicks off from 2018, when Vladimir Putin publicly announced the existence of the missile. The Mig-31K is a Mig-31 adapted to launch the Kh-47m2 missile at high altitude (12 to 14 km) and at high speed (beyond Mach 1), giving the missile a range greater than 2000 km, a speed hypersonic greater than Mach 6, and a "complex" trajectory making it almost impossible to intercept by current Western anti-missile systems. This weapon system gives the Russian Air Force the ability to strike the majority of sensitive NATO sites (headquarters, command centers, communication nodes, radar stations, etc.) in Europe without even having to leave the bubble of anti-aircraft protection in Russian airspace.

The Kh-47m2 Kinzhal missile is derived from the 9M723 Iskander short-range ballistic missile, of which it incorporates several components

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