The Tempest program takes on a European dimension

Until recently, the FCAS (Futur Combat Air System) program which is to give birth to the new generation Tempest fighter aircraft was an essentially British initiative. Certainly, Italy and Sweden had indicated their interest for this one, but the two countries had remained at the very least discreet when it came to their actual commitments, especially from a budgetary point of view. But this situation is set to change rapidly. Indeed, on December 21, 2020, British, Italian and Swedish defense ministers jointly signed a letter of intent, or Memorandum of Understanding, binding the three countries under the FCAS program, with the aim of starting industrial production cooperation from 2025.

This is undoubtedly good news for London, which sees two major partners joining the program, with clear ambitions. Thus, the Italian Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, presented the Tempest program to the Italian parliament as one of the major axes of Italian ambitions in terms of the industrial defense effort during the presentation of the multiannual planning 2020-2022. Rome's goal, as with London, is to make Tempest the natural replacement for the Typhoon in service with both armed forces, and the perfect teammate for the F35 A and B fleets to be operated by the two countries.

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