Synthesis 2020: Turkey challenges and distrusts the West

2019 had already been marked by growing tensions between the western camps and Ankara, with the acquisition of S-400 anti-aircraft systems from Russia, the exclusion of Turkey from the F-35 program and the intervention of the armed forces. Turks in northern Syria against the Kurds of the YPG, allies of the anti-Daesh coalition led by the United States in the country. It was also shaken by revelations about the troubled relations maintained between the Turkish regime and the Islamic Armed group, as well as with many Islamist militias present in Syria. However, it is 2020 that will mark Turkey's historic shift on the international geopolitical scene, with an increasingly marked break with its European and American allies, and an increasingly significant position in the Eastern Mediterranean. and in the Caucasus.

Turkish forces on 4 fronts in 2020

The Turkish armed forces will have experienced, in 2020, an operational activity out of all proportion to that which has been its own since the end of the Second World War. Indeed, Ankara will have intervened militarily in no less than 3 armed conflicts, and will have blown vigorously on the embers of a fourth, deploying tens of thousands of men outside its borders, and multiplying increasingly severe frictions. with its neighbors as well as with Western and foreign forces positioned to contain or moderate these conflicts.

Regular Turkish forces in northern Syria

The prolongation of the Syrian conflict

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