Victims of giant computer hacking, US agencies point to Russia

The affair is causing a stir across the Atlantic. Indeed, several of the most important American government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, were hacked for several months by a team of hackers who potentially had access to all the emails and documents exchanged by these agencies, creating one of the biggest security breaches the United States has experienced in decades. In addition to the methods employed by the hackers and the potentially leaked data, the Department of National Security is now seeking to determine the origin of the hack, and it seems that all roads lead to Moscow.

It is through an Orion software platform from the Californian publisher SolarWinds that hackers have managed to break into the systems of several of these American government agencies, as well as many companies, the software with more than 18.000 customers according to the publisher. The platform was isolated from the rest of the network for a detailed investigation led by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in charge of the investigation. The latter also warned that other security vulnerabilities had been exploited by hackers, beyond just Orion software.

Solarwinds' Orion platform is used in many federal departments and agencies, as well as many companies in the United States

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