China strengthens its combat capabilities on the Tibetan Highlands

Tensions between China and the West, over the China Sea or Taiwan, have focused much of the media attention in recent months. However, this is not the only concern of the People's Liberation Army. Because while the Chinese Navy and Air Force are strengthening rapidly, the operational capacities of the PL to fight in the very specific environment of the Tibetan highlands have also been considerably increased, putting more and more pressure on the Indian troops facing them.

Indeed, in recent months, the PLA has multiplied the announcements concerning the deployment of new military equipment specifically developed to allow Chinese soldiers to better fight at high altitude and in very cold weather. Among them, we can cite the entry into service of new barracks adapted to very low temperatures, and of new uniform effects to allow Chinese soldiers to evolve and fight in winters on the Tibetan highlands. But it is above all in the field of armaments and robotics that the main advances have been made.

The Char Leger Type 15 (VT5 in export designation) has an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 30 HP per tonne.

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