United States applies CAATSA sanctions to Turkey over S-400 acquisition

In recent days, a lot of unofficial information has been circulating in Washington concerning the upcoming implementation of sanctions against Turkey under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanction Act, better known by the acronym CAATSA. Today, Monday, December 14, the US State Department published confirmation of this sanctioning, with immediate effect, without Turkey having undertaken to withdraw its S-400 batteries "in coordination with the United States,” the statement said. On December 4, the American Congress had forced the executive to implement these sanctions within 30 days of the adoption of the 2021 budget…

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Bellingcat demonstrates existence of chemical weapons program in Russia

In 2010, Dimitry Medvedev, then President of the Russian Federation, announced the dismantling of all their infrastructures for the production of chemical and bacteriological weapons, in accordance with the commitments of the 1997 convention. them, was to take place in 2012, then in 2015, only to have been postponed to 2020. But these official announcements may well have been window dressing, and Moscow may still have a program of chemical weapons, weapons which would have been used in the attacks of several dissidents or political opponents, including that of Alexandre Navalny, in a saga…

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Are the technological ambitions of the European SCAF program excessive?

The Future Air Combat System, or SCAF, program is today the most ambitious Defense technology cooperation program in Europe. Bringing together 3 countries, Germany, Spain and France, it aims to design by 2040 a combat aircraft, designated Next Generation Fighter or NGF, intended to take over from the French Rafale and German and Spanish Typhoon, as well as a logical and operational combat environment to optimize its capabilities. For this, the program has been divided into 7 pillars, ranging from propulsion to detection systems, through the Cloud of combat and weapon systems,…

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China strengthens its combat capabilities on the Tibetan Highlands

Tensions between China and the West, over the China Sea or Taiwan, have been the focus of much media attention in recent months. However, this is not the only concern of the People's Liberation Army. Because if the Navy and the Chinese air force are rapidly being reinforced, the operational capacities of the PLA to fight in the very specific environment of the Tibetan highlands have also been considerably increased, putting pressure on the Indian troops who face them. increasing pressure. Indeed, in recent months, the PLA has multiplied announcements concerning the deployment of new…

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