Trump poised to win his showdown to sell F35s to United Arab Emirates

The transition phase between the administration of <br><br>Donald Trump and the one at Joe Biden, which is due to end with the latter's inauguration on January 20, is the subject of intense confrontation between the Democratic and Republican camps, in particular over Defense issues. So the incumbent president for another month, lobbied for urgently pass the 2021 Pentagon budget, in which he has placed some of the axes he considers a priority. Paradoxically, this same Donald Trump is threatening today to veto the presidential election of the same Budget, if the American Congress several of these demands, including the stopping of the procedure aimed at renaming the military bases bearing the names of Confederate soldiers from the Civil War, as well as an amendment of a bill to prohibit Internet giants to remove political content that they consider to be disinformation, a subject which extremely annoyed the president during the presidential campaign.

La House of Representatives has already validated, at the beginning of the week, the 2021 Budget of the Pentagon, and the Senate, still with a Republican majority, seems set to do the same. Is this compensation offered to Donald Trump? Be that as it may, this same Senate has just rejected the two bills to suspend the sale procedure of 50 F35A, 18 MQ-9B Guardian drone systems, and an impressive stock of ammunition and spare parts, all for a pharaonic sum of $ 23 billion, by 46 votes against 50 for the first, and 47 votes against 49 for the second. In fact, the President now has a free hand to move forward on this matter and sign contracts before the presidential inauguration.

US Senate rejects Democratic bills to suspend sale of F35A and MQ9B to United Arab Emirates

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