UK to invest £ 2,7bn in its munitions industry

There are revealing signs of a country's strong will to take back the reins of its own defense. In recent months, several announcements by Boris Johnson's British government clearly point in this direction, such as massive investment in the Tempest program, the increase in the budget of La Défense, and the announcement of a new class of frigates, the Type 32, to restore the Royal Navy to its status as the first European navy. It is precisely in this context that the announcement made today takes place. Indeed, the British government has announced that it will devote not less than £ 2,4 billion, or € 2,7 billion at the current exchange rate, for the modernization of its ammunition industry and its production.

Concretely, the British industry will produce 39 types of ammunition used by the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, ranging from small caliber ammunition for pistols, assault rifles and machine guns, to artillery and naval artillery shells, including shells from guns used on combat aircraft, helicopters and armored vehicles of the armies of its Majesty. Not only will the industrial lines be perpetuated and modernized in this way, but the effort will also focus on the modernization of the ammunition themselves, and we know to what extent this subject can be topical, particularly in the field of guided and additional propulsion shells.

BAe to invest £ 70m in modernizing its munitions production infrastructure

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