Poland aligns with Germany in rejection of European strategic autonomy

To say that the Polish authorities are Atlanticists today is an understatement. Indeed, Warsaw has almost systematically privileged the acquisition of American-designed defense equipments in recent years, just as systematically ignoring the proposals of its European partners. During President Trump's tenure, the ties between Warsaw and Washington grew closer, to the point where the Polish authorities, in order to flatter the oversized ego of the American president, offered to name the base "Fort Trump" where possible additional American troops could be deployed on Polish soil.

At the same time, the Polish authorities have always strongly rejected European initiatives, and in particular French ones, aiming to develop a European strategic autonomy, and therefore to confer on the old continent a reinforced independence, both in its capacities to assume if necessary its own defense, as in that of interpreting in all independence the international events, without aligning automatically to the US positions. These quasi-antagonistic positions between Warsaw and Paris gave rise to exchanges at the limits of diplomatic correction at the last NATO summit in London.

The French president found himself very isolated during the NATO summit in London in 2019

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