The United States are not able to engage on two fronts simultaneously, according to the Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation is one of the oldest and most respected think tanks in the United States. Marked by so-called “conservative” positions, it feeds the reflection of the Pentagon and American political authorities with regular publications, and in particular the Index of US military forces published annually. If the 2021 version of the document differs only a little from that of previous years, it wants however to be much more incisive and sharp in its conclusions, and in particular to mark the reality of the facts: The American armies would not be able today to'' intervene simultaneously on 2 major fronts as they have the mandate to do. Worse still, the budgetary and political trajectory followed to date does not allow them to consider that this state of affairs could evolve in the years to come.

To argue its conclusions, the Think Tank publishes key figures, marking the gap between need and reality, for the 4 armies, the US Army, the US Navy, the US Air Force and the US Marines Corps . The data concerning the US Space Corps are considered too limited and lacking sufficient perspective to be analyzed. Thus, theUS Army should be able to line up 50 Combat Brigades to support a dual intervention, where it only has 35. TheUS Navy, for its part, is expected to have 400 ships, and not 293 like today. TheAir Force requires 386 operational squadrons, against 320 in service. With regard to Marine Corps, it only lines up 24 battalions where it should have 30 in the most pessimistic version of needs.

In 25 years, the number of fighter jets used by the US Air Force has trooped down from almost 3000 to 1800, while the global security situation in 2020 has nothing to envy that of 1988.

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