Is Turkey struggling to find partners for its defense programs?

The development of the Turkish defense industry has been one of the strategic objectives of President RT Erdogan since he came to power in 2003. As such, he has granted very important tax advantages to investors embarking on this path, and has often mobilized significant public funds to set up the necessary industrial infrastructure. Obviously, such investments required results to match. And in recent years, the Turkish industry has become more and more visible in international defense exhibitions, to the point of starting to be considered very seriously as a potential competitor by the players in this sector.

Among the flagship programs of this industry is the MILGEM naval program intended to replace the combatant surface units, corvettes, frigates and destroyers of the Turkish Navy, but also helicopter programs such as the T-129 Atak, the combat drones like the Bayraktar TB2, as well as the Altay main battle tank. All these equipments have been presented as the fruit of Turkish engineering, both nationally and internationally.

The T-129 Atak light combat helicopter is one of the flagships of Turkish industry. But it depends on many imported technologies, especially concerning turbines.

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