The French Naval Aviation will receive 12 Dassault Falcon 2000 Albatros for maritime surveillance

The Naval Air Forces of the French Marine National, created in 1912, is the oldest French military air force, and one of the oldest on the planet. Today it consists of 3 components. The naval fighters component which employs the Rafale M, but also the E-2C Hawkeye aerial surveillance planes, and some Falcon 10 planes used for the training of pilots in instrument flight and certain plastron missions (the aircraft playing the role target or attacker). The helicopter component operates the NH90 Caiman Marine and the Panther on board frigates, as well as the Dauphin and Alouette III for rescue and training missions. 

The last component, which concerns us today, is the Maritime Patrol, which provides aerial surveillance of maritime areas, but also anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare missions, as well as intelligence and security missions. electronic surveillance, over seas like certain theaters of operation, as in Mali. For this, the "Patmar" relies on the Atlantique 2 aircraft, which entered service around 1990, which provides most of the combat missions and in particular the anti-submarine warfare missions for which it still represents today. hui one of the best platforms in the world, especially since a new modernized version, standard 6, is being delivered to the two Patmar fleets at the Lorient base. Are maritime surveillance missions entrusted to Falcon 50 and 200 planes, in metropolitan France as well as in overseas territories, while training and logistics missions are entrusted to the few Emb-121 Xingu at its disposal.

The 5 Falcon 200 Gardians of the French Navy ensure the surveillance of French maritime areas in the Pacific

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