British Defense will see its budget grow by £ 24bn over the next 4 years

Great Britain is a country of contrasts, and its political class, like the climate, can sometimes hold big surprises. Thus, after 3 months of rumors and fears about the future budget allocated to Defense of the Kingdom, and the probable consequences of the strategic axes which will be defined by the next strategic review, the government of Boris Johnson has taken the decision to engage an unprecedented effort for 30 years across the Channel to give back to the British Armies the means to carry out their missions.

Concretely, the armed forces budget will increase by £ 24bn gradually over the next 4 years, an effort of more than £ 16,5bn in addition to previous budgetary commitments, in a model guaranteeing compliance with the 'commitment to budget growth above inflation plus 0,5%. Thus, for 2021, this new approach will allow the British armies to see their budget increase from 40 to 41,5 billion pounds, and it should increase at least 2 billion pounds each year for the following 3 years.

The Johnson government guarantees with this new growing budget, the sustainability of the Tempest program, which some considered impossible to carry out for Great Britain.

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