China mobilizes city of 15 million people in defense exercise

The resilience of civilian populations, as well as of industry and the economy, in the event of a major conflict, is at the heart of a country's ability to sustain an intensive military effort over time. This subject has long been forgotten by a majority of Western states, as well as their citizens, often little concerned about the collective effort required to face a critical situation. In Europe, only Sweden has, in recent years, put in place the premises of a comprehensive resilience strategy, but this is an exception.

For Beijing, on the other hand, the link between the nation and its army, the founding principle of the People's Liberation Army, still remains at the heart of Chinese strategy today. And the exercise carried out this weekend in the city of Chongqing, in the country south)west, represents a perfect illustration of this. Thus, civilians and military authorities have simulated , for a week-end, the transformation of the most important agglomeration of the country in order to support a long and huge war effort. This drill, limited in time, was focused on two specific aspects.

The metropolis of Chongqing is a financial and industrial center generating a GDP comparable to that of a country like Morocco

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