Germany orders 38 Typhoon fighters with extended performance

In March 2020, following an extensive consultation aimed at replacing its fleet of Panavia Tornado fighter-bombers, Germany announced the order 30 F / A 18 E / F Super-Hornet fighters and 15 EA-18G Growlers from the American Boeing, as well as 93 new Eurofighter Typhoon fighter planes. But among these 93 aircraft, 33 of them were intended not to replace the Tornado in service since the early 80s, but the first Typhoon fighters acquired by the Luftwaffe in the early 2000s. This order has just been formalized by Berlin, accompanied by an order for 5 wired devices for for experimentation, for a total amount of € 5,4 billion, after waiting almost one year after its initial announcement.

The new Typhoons that the Luftwaffe will receive will no longer have much in common with the first copies they will replace. Indeed, tranche I only had Air-Air capabilities, the aircraft's primary mission, and its armament was limited to its 27mm Mauser BK-27 gun, and AIM-120 and IRIS-T missiles for air combat. On the other hand, the new aircraft that the Luftwaffe will receive, belonging to Tranche 3B, have extensive payload capacities, in particular with the air-to-air missile. AIM-132 ASRAAM and especially the European long-range missile METEOR, as well as air-to-ground strike capabilities, with the carrying of Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missiles, Marte ER anti-ship missiles, AGM-88 Harm anti-radiation missiles and soon from Spear 3 air-to-surface missile British.

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