The Italian Navy will receive its new super-destroyers from 2028

In recent years, Italy has not hidden its Mediterranean ambitions, as well as those in the field of shipbuilding. And the construction plan for Italian naval units presented in July 2019 had something to impress, as he aimed at a fleet made up of an aircraft carrier, 3 to 5 assault helicopter carriers, 4 heavy destroyers including 2 new DDX units, 10 FREMM frigates (or 8 if the sale of 2 FREMMs to Egypt is maintained) and 7 PPPs, 8 new generation corvettes, 8 AIP attack submarines and 12 mine warfare ships including 8 new ships. This announcement had been received in Europe with a certain skepticism, so high were the ambitions. Yet the Italian Admiralty appears determined to achieve its goals.

Because beyond the future aircraft carrier Trieste being finished, and PPAs delivered at a rate of 1,5 per year from 2021, she has just confirmed work begins on the design of its two new DDX destroyers, intended to replace from 2028 the two destroyers Durand de la Penne and Mimbelli, launched in 1993 and 1994. And the Italian Navy sees things big, since these two destroyers will be none other than the two most combatant surface units. massifs present in Europe.

Construction of the 33.000 tonne aircraft carrier Trieste continues at the Castellammare di Stabia shipyards near Naples

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