China presents the first combat drone dedicated to close air support

On the occasion of the Nanchang Airshow 2020, the Chinese aeronautical group Chengdu presented a new version of its MALE Wing Loong drone, dedicated to close air support missions. Unlike other versions, Wing Loong -10 has two characteristics making it particularly suitable for this type of mission. First, the drone saw its piston engine and propeller replaced by a ZF850 turbojet engine developing 1 ton of thrust, giving it a higher cruising speed and reduced consumption at high altitude. Thus, the aircraft sees its transit times between its departure base and its operational zone significantly reduced, which increases its availability in the zone, and decreases the number of aircraft necessary to maintain a permanent presence.

Wing Loong-10 was presented with a large number of air-to-ground weapons ranging from laser guided bombs to long-range anti-tank missiles.

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