US Navy wants to sell FFG / X frigates to all allies

The US Navy seems to have realized the real potential of the FREMM design used to design its next Constellation class frigates, since this has been named the class of ships resulting from the FFG / X program. Indeed, the Secretary to the Navy, Kenneth Braithwaite, declared that he envisaged transforming the program by taking inspiration from the “Joint Strike Fighter” program which gave birth to the F35, to make it. the "Joint Strike Frigate", and sell these ships to all allied navies of the United States. This statement came as President Trump's Special Advisor for Defense said the US Navy was going to need many more frigates quickly to support the challenge posed by its competitors, in this case the Navy. People's Liberation Army.

The FFG / X program currently plans to build 20 ships, 10 frigates having already been ordered from Marinette Technologies shipyards belonging to Fincantieri, the Italian builder who won the competition last May with a model derived from the Franco-Italian FREMM frigates. The second tranche was to be allocated with the delivery of the first ship, the USS Constellation, in 2026. But it is quite possible that this tranche will now be accelerated, with the early allocation of the construction of the next 10 ships at another US shipyard. In addition, there is every reason to believe that the Constellation-class will represent the backbone of the US Navy's surface fleet for decades to come, much like the Knox and OH Perry frigates in the 80s.

OH Perry class frigates were used by 9 navies allied to that of the United States

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