Greece is expected to receive 20 F35A, including 6 initially built for Turkey

La greek press today unveils that during the visit of Mike Pompeo, the American Secretary of State, to Athens, the latter would have authorized the sale of 20 F35A combat aircraft to the Greek Air Force, including 6 aircraft already built and which were initially to be delivered to Turkish forces, before the country's exclusion from the program following the acquisition of S400 systems. These 6 devices are due to enter service in 2021, alongside the first 6 Rafale delivered by France, in order to constitute the spearhead of the Greek air forces, in particular to thwart the Turkish anti-air defenses, and their S400 systems.

This shattering declaration is accompanied by a series of equally important announcements concerning future military programs, with in particular the lifting of the option on 2 additional Type 214 submarines, which would bring the Hellenic fleet to 6 submarines of this type, while Ankara, for its part, finishes the construction of the first unit of this class Reis, also derived from the Type 214 of the German TKMS. The order for 4 new frigates, the model of which has still not been announced, has also been confirmed. In addition, the defense partnership between Athens and Washington will be extended for 5 years, and the American financing capacities to Greece will be extended.

Athens should also confirm the lifting of the option concerning the manufacture of 2 AIP Type 214 attack submarines to replace the older Type 209 submarines.

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