Is Turkey Deploying Special Forces to Strike Armenia?

Yesterday, Monday October 26, the Russian air force based in Syria struck heavily, according to several concomitant sources, training bases and rebel forces backed by Ankara in northern Syria, killing at least 56 rebels and injuring more than XNUMX. These strikes would have, according to sources close to the Turkish power and reported by the Russian collective Wargonzo, angered President Erdogan, who allegedly ordered the dispatch of special forces and troops to the border with Armenia, with a view to carrying out military actions directly in the country in retaliation.

The Russian strikes against the forces close to Ankara undoubtedly constitute a shift in the tensions between Turkey and Russia, which until now tried to ignore, in Syria, tensions which oppose the two countries in other theaters, such as in Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh. Indeed, until now, the Russian air force took care to minimize strikes against jihadist forces supported and trained by Ankara, since the ceasefire established between Ankara and Damascus in March of this year. Nothing therefore foreshadowed, seen from the outside, such massive and murderous strikes by Moscow against the Syrian auxiliaries of Turkey, at least on the Syrian front.

Russian air force VKS permanently maintains a fleet of several dozen fighter-bombers on the Syrian base of Khmeimim

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