Vladimir Putin wants to revive the INF treaty on short and medium range missiles

It will not have dragged on. In our article dedicated to accusations made by Moscow against Berlin regarding non-compliance with the non-proliferation treaty nuclear weapons, we wondered about Moscow's objectives to seize today this dossier which has existed for more than 40 years. A clue may have been given by Vladimir Putin himself today, when he put on the table an offer of control of nuclear weapons on the European Theater, independent of the other theaters. This is a major break in Russian positions, and an offer that could greatly appeal to Europeans.

Vladimir Putin's proposal is simple: it is a question of considering the European theater as an isolated theater, with its own rules and regulations, so that it can effectively stick to the closures of the INF Treaty, which prohibited the possession and use of nuclear-capable missiles, whether ballistic or cruise, launched from land vectors and with a range of 500 to 2500 km. For Vladimir Poutine, the European theater could thus agree not to deploy nuclear weapons of this type, as well in continental Europe as in the western part of Russia, west of the Urals. The Russian president specifies that in this context, he would not deploy in the eastern part of the country the new 9M729 Novator system, which was behind the American withdrawal from the INF Treaty. In addition, both sides would agree not to deploy anti-missile systems.

The 9M729 Novator System challenged by Washington for the release of the INF Treaty

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