Meta-Defense exceeds 30 million articles read in XNUMX days

It has now been a little over 500 days since the Meta-Defense site was launched, with the ambition of offering a new approach to Defense news. Relying on an extensive digital service, based on a site, a mobile application and pages on the main social, the articles offered are accessible but comprehensive, so as to satisfy both the most demanding professionals of La Défense and people who discover this universe.

The success is in good voice, since after barely a little over a year and a half of existence, the service displays remarkable statistics with regard to its theme. Thus, over 30 rolling days, Meta-Defense welcomes more than 250.000 unique visitors and more than 500.000 sessions, who consult morea million articles. The 50 to 60 articles published monthly are consulted for an average of 3 minutes 20 minutes, indicating that a large number of readers are indeed reading the entire article. Of the 250.000 unique monthly visitors, more than 110.000 are recurring visitors, and Meta-Defense is consulted more than 3 times a week by more than 25.000 people now.

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The Meta-Defense site frequently reaches high traffic peaks that can exceed 300 and even 500 simultaneous users.

The site offers more than 2000 articles, with an average of 6000 characters, a format that seems suitable for consultation on both computer and mobile. Each month, 2 to 3 articles exceed the bar of 50.000 consultations, and 6 to 7 above that of 25.000. 65% of sessions are done from a smartphone, 30% from a computer, and 5% from a tablet. The is used by more than 7000 people, and is remarkably well distributed between IOS and Android users.

The user profile is fairly consistent with expectations, with 85% men and 15% women. 30% of users are between 18 and 34, 40% between 35 and 65, and another 30% over 55. 70% of sessions come from France, but international use represents a growing share of connections. Thus, More than 5000 users connect each month from germany, Belgium and and of Greece, 4000 of Italy, Switzerland and Canada, 3000 from Japan, Netherlands andSpain. In total, these are 26 countries from which more than 1000 unique visitors connect each month.

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Posts on Social Networks generate many reactions, shares and comments

The social aspect has also grown, with 23 subscribers on the France Facebook page, and 21.000 subscribers on international pages. The twitter account is already followed by 1.300 people, while the account LinkedIn is followed by 32.000 people. In fact, Meta-Defense is now well established in the Defense ecosystem in France but also in Europe, both with industry and military bodies, and specialized university training. As such, 35% of registered subscribers are students.

Social Networks represent 12,5% ​​of monthly sessions, tied with referring sites. Organic searches, mostly from Google, generate 25% of traffic, while 50% of visits are direct, which is in line with the recorded loyalty rate. The monthly growth in visitor traffic to the site varies between 15 and 25%, with a average monthly growth of 18,5% over the last 6 months, in particular due to the increasingly regular integration of articles by news aggregators.

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